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Clarity Treatment Services Names Elie De Franca as Director of Outpatient Services

Clarity Treatment Services is proud to announce the appointment of Elie De Franca as Clinical Director of our organization.

Elie has worked with the addicted population as well as co-dependents for over a decade. Clinical Social Workers are trained differently than other mental health professionals. Elie follows a comprehensive approach: To look at a person in the surrounding environment, to see a person in the context of family, school, job, and community (and to evaluate the impact of these relationships), and to focus on the person's strengths as well as see the difficulties.

Elie has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Rutgers in NJ. He brings 10+ years of experience treating recovering adults, adolescents, and their families from addiction and emotional problems as a licensed addiction professional and a licensed clinical social worker. Elie excels at helping clients "peel the layers of emotional baggage" that has been built up for years and takes pleasure in joining with the client in achieving personal goals. He brings passion, skill and experience to those affected by addiction and emotional disorders.